Django Analytics

Deep User Analytics

Traditional web analytics solutions are great for content websites and for tracking conversion funnels, but not so great for understanding your most important asset - registered users.

Django Analytics focuses on tracking registered users, and provides detailed information and crucial insights about them and how they use your site.

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Easy Setup

Django Analytics works with any Django-based website, and takes only minutes to install. No need to change your code or instrument your pages – it just works out of the box.

Measure & Profile

Learn about the usage patterns and speed of each view. Identify performance problems. Track each and every request, including AJAX calls and requests that return XML or JSON.

Know Your Users

See detailed information about each registered user – how she arrived at your site, where she is located, what browsers she uses. Get a full history of her visits. See how active she is relative to others.

Resolve Errors Quickly

With Django Analytics, you can see everything the user did before getting an error page. You'll be able to solve the problem in no time, and get back to browsing Hacker News.

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